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* Steve Pearlstein on how Tribune staffers can stop the Koch brothers: “Rebellious journalists [who quit their papers] could easily start their own news organizations and grab a good chunk of their old readership within weeks.” (Easily?) (
* San Jose Mercury News sends layoff letters to 118 production employees. (
* Today’s edition of the West (Texas) News (at right). (@kirstencrow)
* New York Times Co. expects the Boston Globe to be sold by the end of the year. (
* Speaking of the Globe, I was curious about the press run for last Saturday’s “Nightmare’s End” edition. A spokesperson tells me: “We doubled our single-copy order for the Saturday paper from 63K to 120K.”
* Asian American journalists group praises AP for its “illegal immigrant” change. (
* co-founder suggests prison rape for the accused Boston bomber; a lively exchange follows. (
* Livingston Awards for Young Journalists finalists are announced. (
* McClatchy wants the right to furlough employees up to five weeks over a three-year period. (
* NPR media reporter David Folkenflik’s “Murdoch’s World” hits bookstores in October. (@davidfolkenflik)
* High school tells news outlets they need parents’ permission before publishing photos of students. (What about sporting events? Homecoming parades?) (
* Journalism 101: Don’t report what you heard on the police scanner without confirming the info. (
* Betsy Rothstein supports Jill Abramson. (“So what if you’re ‘condescending’ and ‘stubborn’?”) (
* FYI, CBS Detroit: Rick Santorum was never a vice presidential candidate. (
* Missed “All the President’s Men Revisited”? You can watch it online here.

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* University of Alabama paper’s year-end review is done BuzzFeed-style (
* Lisa Tozzi leaves New York Times to become BuzzFeed news director (


I asked Crimson White editor Will Tucker about this issue. His response:

It was my idea initially, but my staff deserves all the credit for buying into it and making it turn out so well. …I’m a daily reader of Buzzfeed. (I’ve actually applied for a business reporting job with them, too.) I love what they’re doing. I think they’re essentially subsidizing really important content, like their Buzzreads and investigative stories, with their viral-ready posts. Long-form writing is what I have always wanted to do and I love to see a company giving it a new future online.

* Read the issue


* “I got married this morning.” “Why are you here?” “I had a deadline.” (
* One reason why lumberjack ranks higher than reporter on the jobs list? (

Marcel Pacatte, a Medill professor and former Tribune employee, asks why Chicagoans are so afraid of “a couple of reactionary rich guys from Kansas.”

Koch brothers (via

Koch brothers (via

(He’s of course referring to Koch brothers David and Charles, who are said to be interested in buying the Chicago Tribune and seven other Tribune Co. newspapers.)

Pacatte points out in a registration-required Crain’s piece that “in perhaps the history of history,” there’s been no more reactionary a newspaper owner than onetime Tribune boss Col. Robert McCormick.

So why do we care that these funders of conservative Republican causes want to buy a few newspapers in some of the nation’s most liberal cities? Do we really think they’ll be able to not only control the content in Tribune Co. properties but also brainwash us with it? Come on, Shoulderans. Have some faith in yourselves. Let’s take their money. Where Rod Blagojevich failed (trying to extort the firing of a pesky editorial writer), Rahm Emanuel will have no problem (see: Ricketts family, conservative patriarch of).

Ken Doctor asks: Why would the Kochs possibly become the Tribune board’s lead buyer? He answers:

In a word, simplicity. The board has made it known that it prefers a single buyer of all eight properties. It’s much messier to do three or five or eight separate deals. The timeline would be longer; the separate transaction costs greater.

* Why is Chicago worried about the Koch brothers? (
* The Koch brothers and the sales of U.S.’s top metro papers (
* Koch brothers might be just what conservative journalism needs (

* Providence Journal hed gets historic same-sex marriage vote wrong (

Bob Plain writes after seeing today’s ProJo front page:

This is an indication that a shrinking newsroom is degrading our once-great paper of record. But it’s also just a sign that human beings sometimes screw up.


* “Make this a poster,” writes Janice Lind. “I will be first in line to buy it!” ( | The cover explained (
* Art director: “We wanted to do something really special” (
* How the Boston Globe covered its own city under siege (

The New York Times Co. reported this morning that its first quarter net income was $3.1 million — down from $42.1 million in the period a year earlier. Ad revenue dropped 11.2%. (Print advertising revenue declined 13.3% and digital advertising revenue dropped 4%.) The good news: Circulation revenue was up 6.5%
The Times also announced that it’s going to offer a lower-priced digital subscription plan, as well as “an enhanced tier that would offer extras at a higher price point to ‘all digital access’ and print subscribers.” The extras: “Subscribers will likely be offered access to Times events and the ability to gift subscriptions and provide full family access, among other incentives.”

McClatchy also reported earnings: The newspaper chain had a first-quarter net loss of $12.7 million vs. a net loss of $2.1 million a year ago. Ad revenues were down 6.0% from 2012, while circulation revenues were up 1.6%.

* New York Times Co. reports a dip in profit (
* Analysts projected revenue of $470.5M; it came in at $465.9M (
* New York Times announces new strategy for growth (
* McClatchy reports first quarter 2013 earnings (
* St. Louis Post-Dispatch parent Lee Enterprises lost $6M in Jan-March period (