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* The A.V. Club loses longtime staffers Nathan Rabin, Tasha Robinson, and Genevieve Koski. They’re joining other former A.V. Club staffers “for a film-specific project that will be announced soon.” (
* Viv Bernstein: Don Cherry should be banned from the locker room. (
jasons* ESPN’s Chris Broussard on Jason Collins coming out: He’s “walking in open rebellion to God.” ( | (At right) Jason Collins and actor Jason Segel as high school teammates. (
* AOL pulls the plug on ComicsAlliance. (
* Matthew Keys posts his Reuters termination memo. (
* Just how popular are Amazon’s Kindle Singles? (
* Five of Stephen King’s e-book singles have landed in 2013 top 10 Kindle Single best seller lists. (
* “I actually believe ideas and arguing are important,” says Rachel Shteir. (
* Is anyone at Wheaton Patch monitoring the comments here? (

Paris Hilton's mug shot

Paris Hilton’s mug shot

The Las Vegas Review-Journal is looking for “a pushy sort who can turn cab drivers and waitresses into sources, and persuade tough cops to spill.” The ideal candidate for this crime-beat job is “a smart cookie who can bang out a brief and then tease a front-page reader from a detail, a document and a gut feeling.”

It’s the kind of job “where maybe you’re coaxing quotes from the neighbors at a triple murder and next thing you know you’re chasing after Paris Hilton in handcuffs.”

* Job Ad of the Day ( | Best crime beat ever (

* ICYDK: “Word of Mouf” is the second album by Ludacris (

Comments from my Facebook wall:
— “I bet they spell Fabulous as ‘Fabolous’ like the rapper too,” says Lindsay Mach.
— “I wonder what the Philly rapper Journalist would say?” writes Howard Altman.

IAC/InterActiveCorp chairman Barry Diller tells Bloomberg Television: “I wish I had not bought Newsweek. It was a mistake.”

Barry Diller

Barry Diller

Printing a single magazine is a fool’s errand if that magazine is a news weekly. There are some magazines that have no competition essentially in their field, luxury magazines. For a news magazine, which is a bit of an odd phrase today, it was not possible to print it any longer. We said we will offer digital products. We have a very solid newsroom. We will see. I do not have great expectations.

* Diller calls Newsweek purchase “a fool’s errand” (

More from Bloomberg Television’s Diller interview after the jump. Read More


The Dallas Morning News on Sunday ran 80 different portraits of Willie Nelson to celebrate his 80th birthday, which is Tuesday. You can see all the illustrations — with artist credits — here. (News reporter Dave Tarrant writes on Facebook: “I wrote a High Profile story on him when he turned 60. ‘Never thought I’d make it this far,’ he said at the time. Must be the clean livin’.”)

— h/t Claude Erbsen

* Online edition hed: As need rises, cost of AccessUVa skyrockets (

hugOn New Orleans’ WGNO-TV this morning, the news crew got a kick out of video footage showing a lion hugging a woman. The clip, though, is from 2007.

“YouTube re-posts are a problem for many original uploaders,” note the media critics at “It’s tough for people on Reddit and other communities to know what’s a re-post and what isn’t, but a news station? Do they not have producers there? Or computers? …One simple [Google] search that takes all of four seconds would’ve let them know this story first aired in 2007.”

I’ve invited WGNO news director Rick Erbach to explain how the six-year-old clip ended up getting on the air this morning.

UPDATE: WGNO “Good Morning New Orleans” anchor Anne Cutler sends this email:

“Warm Fuzzies” is a segment in which we show heartwarming viral videos from around the internet. Viral videos can be on the internet for months, even years before gaining popularity and occasionally videos that were once popular will resurface. Such was the case with this clip. We did not present the story as a current news item however, we should have done a better job clarifying for our viewers that this was not a new clip. We will do so in the future.

* Lion hugs its rescuer, station plays it as news 6 years later (

ALSO: A “newspaper correction of the day” that circulated last week is over two years ago. It was published in Australia’s Morning Bulletin in January 2011. A correction excerpt:

The story, by reporter Daniel Burdon, said “more than 30,000 pigs were floating down the Dawson River.”

What Baralaba piggery owner Sid Everingham actually said was “30 sows and pigs,” not “30,000 pigs.”

* Pigs float down the Dawson (with a correction) (

* Philly archbishop criticizes “the media’s lethargy” in covering the Dr. Kermit Gosnell case. (
* Michael Wolff on the Koch brothers’ interest in Tribune: “There are many simpler and cheaper ways to get attention for your view than buying troubled newspapers.” (
* HuffPost Live will air on Mark Cuban’s cable channel for six hours a day. (
* New Yorker’s doubling of consonants (“traveller,” “focussed,” etc.) “is a subject of undying interest.” (
* In the apologies department, “when comparing Reddit to The New York Post, Reddit comes out looking good.” (
* How Mother Jones became the go-to place for secret political recordings. (
al* Al Neuharth’s gravestone reminds us of his entrepreneurial spirt. (
* Wolf Blitzer is “swatted.” (The CNN host was out of town when police were called to his home.) (
* University of Maryland Diamondback is running a three-part series (“10 Years Later”) on Jayson Blair. (
* What’s the role of a personal journal in the digital age? (
* Design tweak makes Atlantic Media-owned Quartz’s no-frills look even sparser. (
* Foreign Policy pulls a BuzzFeed with “14 Hairless Cats That Look Like Putin.” (
* Former Ms. editor Mary Thom dies in a motorcycle accident. She was 68. (
* Katie Couric says she started crying during her job interview with Grey Advertising in 1979. (
* “Honestly, I appreciate the feedback,” Brian Stelter says when asked about the negative reviews of his book. (
* Stephens Media eliminates the editor position at West Hawaii Today. (
* Alex Mizrahi explains why he started @HuffPoSpoilers. (
* White House Correspondents’ parties bigger than the dinner? (
* Conan O’Brien did fine on Saturday, but I liked his chat with Jeff Garlin better. (They were roommates in Chicago in the late ’80s.) (
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