North Carolina alt-weekly Rhino Times folds after 21 years

“We have simply run out of money,” says editor and publisher John Hammer, who owns the paper with his brother. “The Rhinoceros Times is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.”
This week’s issue is the last — a surprise to the conservative paper’s staff. “They said yesterday we were going to have a meeting, which is rare for us,” says columnist Scott Yost. “So I knew something was happening.”

Hammer appealed for donations in his farewell column: “We need money to pay our creditors. I guarantee all the money raised will be used to pay debts. If you have been reading The Rhino from the beginning, that’s 21 years of free newspapers. We ask you to consider paying $1 for each of those years and sending us a check for $21 dollars. …But right now we are deep in a financial hole and every bit helps.”

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