Pittsburgh mayor blasts Post-Gazette in Post-Gazette comments section

Post-Gazette reporter Timothy McNulty’s story about Pittsburgh’s mayor being the head of the secretive committee that’s airing TV attack ads against a Democratic mayoral candidate has dozens of comments — including one from the mayor.

Luke Ravenstahl

Luke Ravenstahl

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, who announced in March that he won’t seek re-election, writes: “Breaking news: One of America’s (self-proclaimed) greatest newspapers actually takes the time to pull the records of an account that’s been in existence for years! Congrats to Tim McNulty and the tremendous work of the entire team from [executive editor] David Shribman on down. You really blew the cover off of this one. Yawn… Truth is no one is hiding anything, nor has attempted to.”

He adds in his Facebook Comment with 67 Likes: “It’s actually laughable to think that you print your newspaper everyday with a straight face. It doesn’t take much to see who the P-G supports and doesn’t support.”


* Chairman of secretive group behind TV attack ads is the mayor (post-gazette.com)
* Earlier: “I’m not going to get into regrets,” says the mayor. “We all have regrets” (pghcitypaper.com)