Follow-up: Hundreds applied for BuzzFeed associate animals editor position

The winner of this “dream job” is Chelsea Marshall, who leaves TV to cover animals for BuzzFeed starting May 13. (Here’s the job posting.)

She most recently worked in the control room at “CBS This Morning”; before that she was at “Saturday Night Live” and “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”
BuzzFeed Animals editor Jack Shepherd tells Romenesko readers:

Chelsea distinguished herself amongst a pool of (literally) hundreds of applications for this position. With great posts like The Story of the Ides of March as Told by Sloths and 10 Signs Your Pet is a Conspiracy Theorist she demonstrated a natural understanding of how to write about animals in a compelling original way for an audience that has come to rely on seeing more and cuter animals on a daily basis. We’re super excited to have her on the team.

Marshall, who also studies sketch and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade, writes in an email that she’s “so excited” to be joining the Buzzfeed Animal team next week. I asked how she won out over the hundreds of others applying for the job. Marshall replied:

When I was “auditioning” I tried to give a variety of types of posts-from stories, to cool dogs on instagram, to educational to satire. …

Chelsea Marshall

Chelsea Marshall

I think what really made me stand out though was that I came in with a bunch of ideas to expand the vertical beyond the fun lists. Of course those are still the focus and I love making them, but there’s so many possibilities to make the vertical even better! Jack [Shepherd] and Summer have already started that with quizzes and some video so it’s a really exciting time to be joining the team.

I definitely wasn’t surprised by the amount of interest [in the position]! The community contributors at Buzzfeed are awesome and since this really is a dream job, I knew I couldn’t have been the only one to go after this gem! I can’t think of anything better than getting to find and create shareable content that makes people happy.

As a community contributor, Marshall created posts like “20 Dogs Who Cannot Believe You Just Farted,” “15 Animals With Better Mustaches Than You Will Ever Grow,” and “16 Cats Interpret Margaret Thatcher Quotes.”

* BuzzFeed job listings stipulate that “no haters” need apply (