Libertarian and ex-LAT staffer Bill Steigerwald hopes the Koch brothers buy Tribune’s papers

“I don’t remember where or how I acquired my copy of the 1982 [Los Angeles Times] budget report, and even if I did I’d go to jail to protect my sources,” writes former Los Angeles Times staffer Bill Steigerwald. “But truth be told, I probably swiped it off the desk of the Times’ late, great and under-appreciated Sunday Calendar editor, Irv Letofsky. Or I fished it out of his trash basket when I was emptying it for him. All I know for sure about the budget is that it’s authentic. And it’s a sad document from a happy newspaper era we will never see again.”

Steigerwald also writes: “As a libertarian, and as the only open libertarian I knew working at the Times in the 1980s, I hope the fabulously rich libertarian Koch brothers buy the paper with their pocket change and give some of my few surviving liberal friends there a taste of their own medicine.

“It’ll be interesting to see how my fellow journalists react to having bosses — i.e., devout libertarian/conservative publishers and the non-liberal editors they will certainly hire — who don’t have the same political biases they have (and don’t know they have).”

Editorial budget in 1982: nearly $45 million
Editorial budget in 2013: about $60 million, according to a knowledgeable source

* The LA Times – before it became the Daily Titanic (