Morning Report for May 3, 2013

* New York wins Magazine of the Year at the National Magazine Awards. National Geographic wins the most Ellies with four. ( | (
* Washington Post Co. reports an 85% drop in first-quarter net income on weakness in its education and newspaper units. (Reuters via | (
kurtz* Politico on the Howard Kurtz saga: “Quite a tumble for a reporter who, in 2000, was dubbed ‘the most important media reporter in America’ by The New Republic.” (
* Jeff Jarvis: “I believe coverage of his departure from Daily Beast has focused too much on his now-retracted post this week. There‚Äôs more to the story and I hope he tells that story in the spirit of openness and disclosure.” (
* Matt K. Lewis: “If anyone should be sympathetic to [Kurtz’s] plight, it should be journalists who will make errors of their own someday, too.” (
* Michael Bloomberg has talked to aides about whether he should buy The Financial Times. (
* Cory Pein on quitting an editor-in-chief job after just five months: “My decision had everything to do with Corbis management.” (
* Drudge falls for satirical website’s made-up Bloomberg story. (
* Hearst says it has a million digital edition subscribers. (
* Susannah Collins leaves Comcast SportsNet Chicago over a flubbed sentence on live TV and raunchy YouTube videos. (
* University of Maryland’s Diamondback runs the last of its three-parter on Jayson Blair. (
* “I am not a guy who complains,” Matt Lauer tells Jay Leno. (
gene* “After four years, I have finally changed my Twitter avatar from a pile of poop to a drawing of me in my underpants,” the Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten tells Romenesko readers. “It’s mostly an experiment to see if people are really the big wusses they claim to be: Will I get new followers from people nauseated by the turd? …I did get 16 new followers immediately. Within an hour.” (@geneweingarten)
* Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy writes People Magazine a check for $1,234.62 to cover his White House Correspondents’ Dinner expenses. (
* @sree: “I hate to break it to you, folks, but RTs are implied endorsements.” (
* St. Louis Post-Dispatch parent Lee Enterprises reaches an agreement with Berkshire Hathaway to refinance $94 million of long-term debt at 9% interest. (
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