Howard Kurtz: ‘I screwed up’ and ‘I am truly sorry’


What Howard Kurtz told “Reliable Sources” viewers”

On Monday, I read the Sports Illustrated article by Jason Collins, the first pro-male team athlete to come out as publicly gay. I read it too fast and carelesly missed that Jason Collins said he was engaged previously to a woman and then wrote and commented that he was wrong to keep that from readers, when I was in fact the one who was wrong.

My logic about what happened between Jason Collins and his former fiancee and what was and wasn’t disclosed, in hindsight, well I was wrong to even raise that issue. Also, I didn’t give him a chance to respond to my account before I wrote it and in addition my first correction was not as complete and as full as it should have been. In a video where I discussed the issue, I wrongly jokingly referred to something I shouldn’t have joked about. I apologize to readers and viewers and most importantly to Jason Collins and to his ex-fiancee. I hope this very candid response will earn your trust back over time. It is something that I am committed to doing.

* VIDEO: Howard Kurtz apologizes for Jason Collins story flub (
* “Chastened” Kurtz remained composed throughout tough questioning” by Dylan Byers and David Folkenflik (

Jeff Jarvis: He “showed an admirable example of accountability in apologizing on his CNN show.”
Jay Rosen: “Great credit should go to CNN and @HowardKurtz for spending half his program getting grilled by two media reporters. That was extraordinary.”
David Folkenflik: “Diff view from ex CNNer ‘@octavianasr: .@jayrosen_nyu C’mon he’s not grilled!! This is an orchestrated PR stunt to help him redeem himself!'”
Rachel Sklar: The @HowardKurtz Question Period moment was extremely awkward, even for the 11 people interested (yes, I am one).”
Michael Calderone: Good questions, but still want to know about Howie’s involvement in DD [Daily Download] getting $230,000 through Knight Foundation.”
Piers Morgan: “Kudos to @HowardKurtz – he took his @jasoncollins34 clanger on the chin today like a @MikeTyson right hook.”