Morning report for May 6, 2013

buffettAt Saturday’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting, the New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin asked Warren Buffett whether profits from the company’s newspapers measure up to profits by its other divisions. Buffett said he expects the newspapers to return about 10% after-tax profit each year and bring Berkshire about $100 million annually. That’s a “decent return,” noted Buffett. (
* David Folkenflik says it was “an exquisite challenge to question [Howard Kurtz] on his own network, in his own studio, on his own show.” (
* “I have long admired Howie,” writes Sharon Waxman, “and I hope to do so again.” (
* The median pay for the top 20 media executives rose 10% in 2012 — “not bad for a legacy industry that is supposedly under sustained attack from insurgents and secular challenges.” (
* Al Jazeera America will have bureaus in 12 U.S. cities. (
* Last November, Roger Ailes ordered Geraldo Rivera’s microphone be cut off for defending Obama. (
* Jacob Osterhout is fired by “an awful manager, a poor editor and a vile individual” at the New York Daily News. (
reddit* Simon Dumenco suggests Reddit’s tagline be “The crib sheet for weary bloggers who need to hit page-view quotas.” (
* BuzzFeed is looking for a foreign editor “to build a new kind of national security and world news coverage.” (
* Jalopnik editor: “This is the first time we’ve taken someone out of the pool of Kinja bloggers and hired them.” (
* Rush Limbaugh considers leaving Cumulus. “It’s a very serious discussion,” a source tells Dyan Byers. (
* The Knight Ridder sign — an icon of San Jose’s downtown skyline — is going down. (
* Short-and-sweet job ad: “If you’re a reporter who asks ‘Why?’ more often than a 5-year-old, get in touch with me right away.” (
* The American Society of News Editors will no longer host school newspapers at (