Morning report for May 7, 2013

* About 360,000 people watched Howard Kurtz’s apology on Sunday. (
* Report: Tina Brown was looking for a way to get rid of Kurtz so she wouldn’t have to pay his $250,000 salary. (
* Cal Thomas’s view: “It can’t get much worse for newspapers. Perhaps things might get better with the Kochs.” (
* New MSNBC hires come from Mother Jones, the Washington Post and other news outlets. (
* Charlie Mahtesian, who recently left Politico for NPR, says “the way I see it is that it’s a great time to be a political journalist.” (
* Stanford Daily editor-in-chief: “We [at the paper] hope people continue to respect what journalists can do in 500 to 700 words. We hope our culture doesn’t turn into something where 160 characters is good enough.” (
* Here’s the PDF of today’s Cleveland Plain Dealer front page: (
* Who caused more harm to the New York Times in 2003 — Jayson Blair or Judith Miller? (
* New book says Rupert Murdoch calls Roger Ailes “cuckoo” and “bonkers,” but keeps him around to bring in big profits. (
* There’s a turtle in Queens named Ira Glass and a woman in Missouri who changed her name to Korva Coleman. (
* Don’t tweet from the dinner table, and other social media dos and don’ts. (
* What you won’t hear at today’s Gannett annual meeting. (
* Six ebook singles that should be written now. (
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