TV Tattle lives! (It’s rescued by HitFix)

After I reported the demise of in mid-April, HitFix writer Alan Sepinwall tweeted that the news was “a damn shame” because the 13-year-old website was “such a great one-stop shopping place for TV news.”

Today Sepinwall announces that HitFix is rescuing TV Tattle.

Starting today — right now, in fact — you can find TV Tattle at, or through its original URL, Nothing changes about the site; [founder] Norman [Weiss] has full editorial independence to pick whatever links he likes. We wanted Tattle to continue to exist as it always has.

We don’t have the power to uncancel shows most of the time, but we did have the ability to uncancel TV Tattle. Sounds good to me.

TV Tattle’s founder told me last month that “banner ad revenue has dwindled so much that it no longer pays the bills.” He added that “I want to continue doing TV Tattle. I’d love to continue doing it. But I’ve exhausted all options when it comes to advertising and so I’ve had no choice but to pull the plug.”

* HitFix partners with TV Tattle to bring the blog back to life (
* April 18: TV Tattle calls it quits after 13 years (