Morning report for May 8, 2013

The Chicago Newspaper Guild has pulled its parody job ad that said candidates for a Sun-Times reporting position
cease “should have a car, as it may be your office [and] familiarity with locations offering free WiFi a plus.” The union took the ad off after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Sun-Times Media.

“It is the Guild’s position that the parody ad was legal and that the Guild was on firm legal ground to run such an ad in a labor dispute,” says Guild executive director Craig Rosenbaum. “However, I think we made our point. There was no need to continue running the ad. After all, Romenesko picked it up and it is still out there in cyberspace.” ( | The ad: (
* CBS News veteran Sharyl Attkisson accuses the White House of stonewalling on Benghazi. (
* Robert Jensen: “Given the multiple crises that existing political, economic, and social systems have generated, the ideals of journalism call for a prophetic journalism.” (
* AOL ad sales were up 9% in the first quarter, but its earnings didn’t meet analysts’ expectations. (
* Eyebrows are raised – again! – over Willie Brown’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle. (
* Andrew Sullivan isn’t taking a salary this year. ( | He’s looking for an intern – who will get paid. (
* David Perlmutter resigns as Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication director to become dean of the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech. (
* Journal Communications says it has no plans to spin off the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. (
* National Enquirer heiress Lois Pope is sued over kidnap insurance taken out on her 10-year-old grandson. (