Philadelphia Inquirer returns to newsstands on Saturdays

newsstandThe tipster who sent this Philadelphia Inquirer memo from this afternoon writes: “Combine this with the TP [Times-Picayune] news [about a new street tabloid] and one would surmise print’s the new news delivery system these days! I feel like we are rediscovering vinyl.”

From: Wischnowski, Stan
Sent: Wednesday, May 08, 2013 2:08 PM
To: Inquirer
Subject: News of importance

To the staff:

We are pleased to announce that the Saturday paper will return to newsstands this weekend after nearly a two-year absence.

This is great news for the entire newsroom but, most importantly, for our readers.

Late-breaking news, late sports and all of our best Saturday features back in the hands of single-copy buyers.

(The Bulldog will remain on the newsstands on Saturdays as well for those who prefer the early Sunday edition).

Bill and Stan

The Inquirer’s new Health section debuted last Sunday: