The National pulls writer’s column about her checkout line rage

Haneen Dajani’s “Hey, Habibti!” column in The National is described as “a young Arab woman’s musings on life, society and the headlines.”

Haneen Dajani

Haneen Dajani

Her musings apparently got a bit too personal on Tuesday when she wrote about going ballistic in a store checkout line, being ordered to the police station and threatened with jail. The page she links in her tweet about the column brings up an Error 404 message; you can still read a cached version of the piece here, though.

An excerpt:

To this day, I don’t know quite where the rage inside of me came from, but in a split second I had slammed the toy in front of the cashier and demanded to be served.

“Excuse me, it is our turn,” whinged a woman next to me in an annoying voice.

What I did next I completely, whole-heartedly, regret. Blinded by anger I insulted her with a word I’d rather not quote myself as using.

As soon as the word left my mouth I apologised and asked for forgiveness, but the damage had been done.

“You’re calling me an animal?” shrieked the woman. “Call the police,” ordered her husband.

Dajani and her rivals were ordered to the police station and there “we all signed a peace treaty that we would not cross each other’s paths again and withdrew our complaints.”

I’ve asked Dajani and her editors why the store-to-police-station drama was taken offline.

* Faith saved me from night in jail (The National via Google cache)