Afternoon report for May 9, 2013

A Romenesko reader writes:

I thought you might find this interesting. When I visited the NYT site today, I was asked to take a survey. It asked me some interesting things. One question was whether I liked video on news sites. Another asked me to rank the quality of news on CNN, WSJ and NYT. The best question asked me to select names I recognized from a list of 12 editors and writers. Of those I recognized, the survey asked how I had heard of them, from their stories/columns, TV or videos. If you use this item, you don’t need to credit me.

Here’s the list:
Ashley Parker
John Harwood
Thomas L Friedman
silverRick Berke
David Sanger
Jeremy Peters
Marcus Mabry
Nate Silver (pictured)
Nathaniel Popper
Jackie Calmes
David Gillen
David Leonhardt

I asked a Times spokeswoman why those names are on the survey — where’s Carr? Collins? — and was told: “As a general rule, we do not discuss the details of the surveys.”

* A Travel Channel directive: “We need to remove any mention of him being a journalist, the Boston Globe, and his liberal arts education. We need to keep him from coming off as an elitist.” (
* Cyndi Stivers resigns as Columbia Journalism Review editor-in-chief to become editor-in-chief. (
* Longtime Barron’s columnist Alan Abelson has died. He was 87. (
* Memo: “Dow Jones Newswires now no longer has a separate reporting and managerial structure; it is, instead, a central part of a single, harmonized, global newsroom.” (
* Read the New York Daily News memo about this week’s layoffs: (
* Medill team spends months investigating U.S. energy security. (
* The editors that ex-Washingtonian boss Jack Limpert would most like to have dinner with. (
* San Antonio online news site Plaza de Armas goes on “indefinite publishing hiatus.” (
* Politico is testing a metered paywall in six states. (