‘SpongeBob Squarepants’: The journalism ethics episode


I saw Chris Krewson’s tweet about the SpongeBob Squarepants episode exploring sensational journalism and had to check it out. SPOILER ALERT: Bad reporting angers SpongeBob’s readers and the yellow journalist ends up teaching his publisher a lesson.

Here’s Krabby Kronicle owner Mr. Krabs’ approach to news:

SpongeBob, what’s the meaning of this? ‘LOCAL RESIDENT WATCHES POLE’? No one’s going to pay to read this malarky.bob When you write these stories, you’ve got to use a little imagination, boy. Maybe instead of “Man Watches Pole,” you could say something like, “Man Marries Pole.” Then you could alter the photo a little to fit the headline and see — now that’s a doozy story [sic]! ..The public expects a little embellishment here and there, so I want you to go out and get me a lead story that’ll sell!”

* Mr. Krabs launches the Krabby Kronicle and makes SpongeBob a reporter (nick.com)