Afternoon report for May 14, 2013

“A very timely error, given the multiple corruption arrests recently in the New York State legislature,” writes the Romenesko reader who passed this along. “The Post-Star [of Glens Falls, NY] is a Lee Enterprises paper.” (Note: Readers have been kind enough to point out typos on my site, too.)
* BBC admits error in piece claiming that race placed a role in the Plain Dealer’s missing girls coverage. ( | Earlier: Cleveland editor responds to BBC: (

East Village Eye: Now online.

East Village Eye: Now online.

* Associated Press CEO says Department of Justice’s response to his letter “does not adequately address our concerns.” (
* AP Washington bureau chief Sally Buzbee was one of the journalists targeted in DOJ’s phone records seizure. (
* David Carr: Some are worried that Big Brother is coming; others say he’s already here. (
* All 72 issues of the East Village Eye are going online in PDF format. (
* Report: ESPN tried to get Seth Meyers to host a late-night sports talk show. (
* Meyers is a solid, safe choice to take over for Jimmy Fallon. (
* Assignmint helps freelance writers deal with publishers. (
* The Stranger seems obsessed with the Seattle Times, says one of the daily’s journalists. (
* GateHouse Media is closing its two new production hubs and opening a new one. (
* University of California Irvine students agree to pay $3 a year to save the school’s print newspaper. (
* Nate Silver will keynote the 2013 Online News Association conference. (