Come up with a good column name and this Sarah Palin cutout is yours

Mark Saal has a new column in the Ogden (UT) Standard-Examiner, but he doesn’t have a name for it yet. The reader who comes up with a winner gets life-sized cardboard cutouts of Palin and Saal.

“That’s right, TWO cardboard cutouts for just ONE winning entry,” he writes. “Granted, this second cutout is a homemade job I cooked up in my garage by lying down on a piece of a refrigerator box and having my wife outline me with magic marker. So really, it looks more like the chalk outline of a body at a crime scene. With a smiley face on it.”

There’s more! The winner also receives tickets to a Judy Collins concert, lunch with the columnist, a Standard-Examiner ice scraper and a few other items.

I like this column name that someone tweeted: “That’s Saal Folks!”

UPDATE: I asked Saal how his contest his going. He replied via email: “Just 50 entries so far, although that number’s climbing. And in terms of actual column name ideas we’ve probably gotten 150 or more, since many are fudging and offering multiple names. (Because, really, who DOESN’T want a Sarah Palin cardboard cutout?)

“The early frontrunner so far is probably “This Column Sucks,” but we may have to disqualify that one since it wouldn’t look good to be awarding the prize package to a family member.”

* Up for grabs: Sarah Palin cutout for naming this column (