Morning Report for May 14, 2013

* New York Times Co. CEO says he’s “very pleased with the interest, and the progress, that’s been expressed so far” in the effort to sell the Boston Globe. (
* Times-Picayune loses columnist James Gill to rival Advocate. (
* BuzzFeed puts up a GIF that showing Obama transforming into Nixon. ( | The White House wants to stay out of the AP phone records mess, but… (
* Lawyer and ex-reporter: “A sad week for the nameless and faceless brave sources who have stories to tell and for the public, which will lose the opportunity to hear those voices.” (
* Here’s an even larger O.J. on New York Post’s cover: (
* Pro-gun news site Photoshops Mike Peters’ cartoon and changes its message. (
* Atlantic Media to launch Defense One, a site for the national security community. (
* CNN anchor Zoraida Sambolin says she has breast cancer and is getting a double mastectomy. (AP via | Read her Facebook message
* “I used to work for Bloomberg News, so what I’m about to say is informed by that experience….” (
* Milwaukee radio talker: Memo leak suspects “are legion, given the groupthink in that [Journal Sentinel] newsroom.” (
* Mac Tully leaves the San Jose Mercury News to become Denver Post publisher. ( | Steve Rossi replaces him. (