Morning report for May 15, 2013

* About 300 people attend an anti-Koch brothers protest in Los Angeles. ( | Nanette Gonzales’s photos from the demonstration: (
* Attorney General Eric Holder hears from 52 media organizations upset about DOJ’s seizure of AP phone records. (
* Paul Farhi: Relations between reporters and the Obama White House have never been sunny. (
* NYT blasts DOJ’s fishing expedition for sources and attempt to frighten off whistle-blowers. (
* New Yorker magazine’s Strongbox lets readers send messages or documents to its journalists anonymously. ( | How it works: (@ryanlizza)
* “It’s been a helluva week for New York media,” notes New York Observer. (
bach* Only 10% of Americans say they’d wear Google Glass. ( | Google Glass — it’s a dude thing. (@dylan20) | Don’t tell that to Michele Bachmann (at left). (
* Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer’s workweek often exceeds 110 hours. (“He has no employees, and he prints his newsletter — in single-spaced 7-point type — at a local copy shop.”) (
* Tampa Bay Times CEO Paul Tash is named Pulitzer board chairman. (
* Student journalist sues the University of Oklahoma to get parking ticket records. (
* Matea Gold quits the Los Angeles Times and joins the Washington Post. (@mateagold)
* Watch Nate Silver give the commencement address at Ripon College. (
* “In case you’ve already forgotten, I used to be Al Neuharth.” (