Miami Herald obituary writer pens a farewell to the Miami Herald building

Miami Herald obituary writer Elinor J. Brecher shared this tribute to One Herald Plaza with friends and colleagues as they moved out of the building and headed to new offices.


One Herald Plaza, the bayfront behemoth from which generations of journalists fanned out across South Florida — and at times the world — to cover the news, passed into history on Thursday after succumbing to a real estate deal.
… She was 50.
Thought squat and ugly by some, a shining temple of truth by others, she was born on March 23, 1963.

She steadfastly weathered assaults by killer hurricanes and furious protesters. A gunshot suicide soaked her lobby in blood, and at a corner of her parking garage, a man chewed someone’s face off.

Within the walls of her fifth-floor newsroom, reporters and photographers pursued stories that won The Miami Herald 19 Pulitzer Prizes.

One Herald Plaza is survived by a proud tradition of afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted, to be carried on in a new Herald building in Doral.

One Herald will be buried under a pile of rubble. Donations in her memory should be story-tip calls to the newsroom in Doral.

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