NBCNews.com editor tells staff not to post Washington Post story on Sen. Menendez

Greg Gittrich

Gregory Gittrich

The Romenesko reader who forwarded this memo from NBCNews.com executive editor Gregory Gittrich writes: “I’m not sure why this edict was issued, but here it is. Apparently NBC has decided not to report on this. NBC did report on the allegations against [Sen. Robert] Menendez. Why not report on the investigation of planting of false allegations?”

Here’s part of the Post’s story (with my boldface): “An agent in the FBI’s Miami field office who specializes in sex trafficking began corresponding with a tipster who gave his name as ‘Pete Williams’ in late summer of 2012. But the FBI could not get the tipster to meet with investigators, according to copies of the agent’s correspondence.”

I’ve asked Gittrich about his memo. UPDATE — He tweets: “Standard internal guidance on stories where we don’t have our own sourcing.”

From: Gittrich, Gregory (NBCUniversal)
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 9:14 PM
To: MSNBCi News Editors; Vaughn Ververs; Frey, Hillary; Belsky, Dick (NBCUniversal); Friedman, Danielle (NBCUniversal); Patrick Garrity; Friedman, Megan; Andrew Mach; Jason Cumming (NBC); Gittens, Hasani (NBC Universal); Stokes Young; Julia Sommerfeld; Rique, Rachel (NBCUniversal)
Subject: WashPo story

Washington Post just published a story about Sen. Robert Menendez that we should NOT report in any way even if wires pick up. If it develops and any editor needs guidance at any hour, call my cell. 917XXXXXXX. Make sure this is very clear in all shift handoffs.

Gregory Gittrich
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* FBI seeks source of prostitution, corruption allegations against Sen. Robert Menendez (washingtonpost.com)