New site aims to be ‘a smarter version of MediaBistro’

Nicholas Jackson plans to launch his Feature Well in early June.

It’s sort of TBD. But the short version is that I want this to grow to be a smarter version of MediaBistro, without all of the angry and sarcastic Betsy Rothsteins of the world.

Rothstein tells Romenesko readers: “I’ve never met, or even heard of Rick [sic] Jackson, but I wish him the best. If his business sense is as finely tuned as his charm, I’m sure he’ll be a smashing success. His idea to recreate’s Robert Allbritton’s TBD is brilliant. It lasted less than a year. And hey, Rick, if you’re ever in D.C. look me up, let’s have lunch!”


* Nicholas Jackson plans “a smarter version of MediaBistro” (