Writer at car site quits over his editor’s ‘Detroit Loses, Dykes Win’ article


The piece was written by The Truth About Cars editor-in-chief Bertel Schmitt. He ends his piece this way:

PS: Before you start to tar and feather me for Detroit bashing LGBT discrimination, please be notified that according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, the term “dyke” originated “as a derogatory label for a masculine woman, and this usage still exists.” Shame on them. “However, some persons attempt to use it in a manner that they see as positive, or as a neutral synonym for lesbian,” and those persons include the Schmitts.

Lang says in an email that “the resignation was furnished to the Content Director of Verticalscope, which is the parent company of TTAC, after I was told by the Managing Editor that there would be no consequences for the article. Now I contribute articles to Yahoo! and Jalopnik.”

I’ve asked Schmitt to comment.

UPDATE: “The PR nightmare is already happening,” writes Lang.

* “I have officially resigned my editor position…” (facebook.com)
* Small SUV Crashopalooza: Detroit loses, dykes win (thetruthaboutcars.com)