Morning Report for May 17, 2013

* Koch brothers protests: A dozen people gathered outside of the Morning Call in Allentown on Thursday. ( | About 40 were at the Orlando Sentinel. (
* Martha’s Vineyard Gazette kills its profitable Tuesday edition because of “the toll it took on staff … to produce.” (
* New York Post offers buyouts to several of its highest-paid veteran journalists. (
* Fox News spent one minute covering marriage equality victories in three states. (

Unfortunate ad wrap placement.

Unfortunate ad wrap placement.

* Gawker’s Tom Scocca chides the Toronto Star for sitting on the Mayor Rob Ford crack story. (@tomscocca) | Gawker’s story | The Star’s story.
* “Get fired up for the weekend!” (Don’t take that the wrong way, Mayor Ford!) (@sladurantaye)
* Time Inc. Sports Group editor: “It means a lot to us that Jason [Collins] trusted us to present his story in a responsible and meaningful way.” (
* Yahoo, which paid $3.6 billion for “cool” GeoCities (remember that?) in 1999, wants to be cool again by owning Tumblr. (
* Politico has some problems with its “I am a politico” promo. (
* High school kills student newspaper op-ed that criticized school board for not renewing lacrosse coach’s contract. (
* I’m terrible in math, too: “For the reeling Rockies, who are 3-8 over their past 10 games…” (fourth graf) (