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-- From Saturday's Wichita Eagle

— From Saturday’s Wichita Eagle

Give us an A, Wichita Eagle!
* Santa Barbara News-Press employees vote to cut ties with the Teamsters. (AP via
* “College reporters live in a universe that more closely resembles the post-AP subpoena world, for professional reporters, than the pre-AP subpoena world.” (
* Michael Musto writes after getting pink-slipped by the Village Voice: “I got to meet my icons, piss off power brokers, and write whatever I wanted.” (
* The Voice is now advertising for a full-time staff writer. ( | Food bloggers/writers are wanted, too. (
* Yahoo and AOL have been better investments in 2013 than Facebook. (
* New York Times and Financial Times are hit by hackers. ( | (
* Prof: “Journalists should say, ‘Thanks, but no thanks!’ to a shield law.” (
* The $200,000 Rob Ford Crackstarter campaign makes smart business sense for Gawker. ( | Gawker reports $45,000 has been raised. (
* Judge’s ruling in the Hearst intern case is a “setback” that could have implications for other cases. (
* Gizmodo has a new editor (Geoff Manaugh) and a new focus (design and ideas). ( | The death of tech blogging? (
* Arthur Ochs Sulzberger’s apartment sells for $12.5 million – $1.5 million below asking price. (

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