‘Great on so many levels’: A reporter named Fears covers bug phobia

Romenesko reader and Alexandria Times executive editor Derrick Perkins writes: “Check out the last name of the gentleman who wrote a great, entertaining piece on the local bug-phobic population. It’s great on so many levels, enough so that I’m wondering if it was arranged.”

After Perkins sent his email, I saw that @phogan tweeted: “The reporter who wrote this great article on insect phobias is darrylfears. I assume he covers the phobias beat?” Fears’ reaction? “With a name like mine, you get that all the time, Jim. Since grade school.”

* Bug-phobic dread the looming swarm of Brood II cicadas (washingtonpost.com)
* WaPo had a reporter named Harder cover erectile dysfunction (washingtonpost.com)