Vanessa Grigoriadis recalls having ‘a jolly good time’ at New York magazine

New York and Vanity Fair contributing editor Vanessa Grigoriadis discusses her early days at New York Magazine and how the publication has changed:

I come from this old New York magazine – very influenced by Spy – where we were just having a jolly good time in that office,vny and we were trying to make stories that made other people in the office laugh. Like, we just thought it was funny. We were just trying to make stories that were amusing and funny. It wasn’t about, blow this person up, or not blow this person up. It was more just about what’s the best story that can be told.

Now New York magazine is a much more sophisticated product. It’s a lot less — I mean, I hate to use the words text-oriented, but the actual print magazine is really a design product in some ways. It’s truly the most well-designed, most beautiful general interest magazine, I think. It’s hip and it’s cool, and the stories are supposed to reflect well on that brand. Whereas back in the day, New York magazine was kind of a Tina Brown-esque thing where there was a lot of really grabby headlines and in-your-face reporting and some bad taste.

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