How do you silence a troll? Interview him

I read on Columbia Journalism Review’s site today about two Climate Desk reporters tracking down their “most pernicious” troll and interviewing him at his home. (We learn that the 57-year-old guy loves cats, wears argyle sweaters and is “really normal.”)
That got me wondering: What happened to Paul Lukas’s troll? About five weeks ago, I posted a link to the Uni-Watch editor’s Q-and-A with his most obnoxious troll — a man who calls himself “Joe ‘Big Cock’ Johnson.” Lukas told his readers that for the past half-dozen years or so, the man has posted “extremely profane and abusive comments” to the Uni-Watch site.

“After years of dealing with this Wizard of Oz, I wanted to see this man behind the curtain.”

What happened after the long interview with the troll was published? “Big Cock Johnson has gone back down into his hole (or foreskin, or whatever),” Lukas tells Romenesko readers. “Not a peep out of him since I ran that interview transcript.”

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