Morning report for May 21, 2013

pageone* Jack Shafer wonders how much of Fox Newser James Rosen’s trouble is of his own making. ( | “An idiotic piece,” says Alex Berenson. (@alexberenson)
* Was Fox News blindslided by the Rosen investigation? (
* Richard Tofel: “ProPublica’s job is to report the news rather than to make news ourselves, but…” (
* Yahoo moves into four floors of the old New York Times building on 43rd St. (
* “It’s a great time to launch a new publication,” says former Facebook managing editor Dan Fletcher. (
* Why Above the Law blog allows racist, nasty comments. (“You’re going to meet people like that. Those people may be your boss.”) (
* The discussion of money “leaves a bad taste in the mouth of some bloggers.” (
* At the Miami Herald, Twitter is used in the morning as a headline service and in the afternoon as conversation. (
* Seattle public radio station takes a look at Warren Buffett’s interest in newspapers. (
* Former Washington Post managing editor John Temple is named a Knight senior fellow. (
* Watchdog columnist Dave Lieber, who was recently laid off from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, lands at the Dallas Morning News. (
* Tumblr users react to the Yahoo deal. (Keep it weird, they say.) (
* “Coming up on ‘Today’ – Al Roker barks like a dog at a disaster scene.” (
* The Oklahoman has a daily “Today’s Prayer” on page one. Here’s today’s: “Dear merciful Lord, we turn to You in difficult times. Amen.” (