Morning report for May 22, 2013

* is on a hiring spree as it prepares for a fall relaunch. ( | (
* The United Methodist Reporter, published since 1847, closes after years of financial struggles. (
* New Yorker’s Lawrence Wright: “I’m not allowed to write brief things, book reviews. David Remnick wants me out there doing big stories, which I like doing, but there are times I’d like to do smaller pieces.” (
* David Cay Johnston: The once innovative Village Voice “now slouches towards irrelevance for our culture and our democracy.” (
* More Times-Picayune journalists jump to the Advocate. (

-- Oh no, Chicago Tribune!

— Oh no, Chicago Tribune!

* Labor lawyer: “It looks like the newspaper business, at least in Chicago, is saying to itself, ‘We can get a lot of young people who want to do this cheap, so let’s do it.'” ( | Chicago Tribune hed this morning says “grid rate hik veto overtunred.” (
* Emotion didn’t make KFOR-er Lance West’s tornado report “any less attentive or substantive,” says Laura Bennett. (
* New York Times tells Cody Brown to take down his “Snow Fall.” (“I can see how the video could fall under Fair Use, but we don’t have the resources to fight the Times’s legal department.”) (
* Hugely profitable ESPN lays off hundreds. (
* An investigation by Clarion-Ledger’s Jerry Mitchell leads to a murder arrest. (
* Ten anti-Koch protesters showed up at the Baltimore Sun on Tuesday. (
* I nominate Sarah Palin for president of the Jake Tapper Fan Club. (@SarahPalinUSA)
* Internet Archive gets $1 million from the Ford Foundation to expand its TV News Search & Borrow service. (
* Vox Media’s Callie Schweitzer explains how to use new media to advance your career. (
* Advance Publications-backed Newsle – a “news discovery engine” – raises $1.65 million. (