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* The future of news, as seen by CompuServe users in 1993. (“The newspaper is actually a flat panel, foldable, flexible display screen, but is paper thin. Each night, it gathers up all the stories from the news services you subscribe to [and] puts them through a smart filter.”) (
* Seattle Police Department admits it was wrong to withhold a May Day 2012 memo from the Seattle Times and agrees to pay the paper $20,000. (

- From Sunday's Great Falls (MT) Tribune

– From Sunday’s Great Falls (MT) Tribune

* Gawker’s Rob Ford Crackstarter campaign hits its $200,000 goal. ( | Ford’s press team resigns. (
* Simon Dumenco calls Crackstarter “one of the greatest self-promotional media stunts of our time.” (
* Globe and Mail stands by its coverage of the Toronto mayor’s brother. (
* Anthony De Rosa leaves Reuters, where he was social media editor, to become Circa editor-in-chief. (
* BuzzFeed and CNN launch CNNBuzzFeed on YouTube. (
* Sports Illustrated’s web show debuts June 3. It’s daily, live and a half-hour long. (
* Fewer than one in eight of New York City’s public high schools report having a newspaper or print journalism class. (
* Daily Beast “exclusive”: “Holder acknowledged that there was considerable room for improvement in how Justice handles leak cases.” (
* We still don’t know whether the AP-DOJ dispute will head to court. (
* Ad-of-the-day: “Wanted: A smart reporter capable of writing complete, coherent sentences…” (
* Recently retired Florida A&M j-school dean James E. Hawkins dies at 64. (
* Former CNN and CNBC anchor Nicole Lapin is now selling insurance. (
* Asking price for the Herald Sun building in Durham, NC., is $8.3 million. (
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