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Liz Heron, who left the New York Times last year to lead the Wall Street Journal’s social media team,lizheron has been promoted to emerging media editor for the Journal and Dow Jones.

“In this newly created role, Liz will unite the social media and mobile journalism staff into one team, with an expanded focus on multimedia innovation, realtime news and mobile engagement,” says the memo announcing her appointment and the promotions of David Ho and Neal Mann.

The memo is after the jump.

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“Check out the grammar in this automated reply” from the FTC, writes a Romenesko reader. “Kind of makes me nervous.”

* FTC Office of Public Affairs (

* Re Miami Herald’s new space: “If you think newspapers are dying, you should see this place.” (
* DOJ seized records for “thousands and thousands” of Associated Press phone calls, says AP CEO. (
semi* The Lonely Island tackles the semicolon. ( | (h/t @daniellibit)
* How to save the Newsweek brand: Go deep on a few topics, develop strong voices, and other tips from Mathew Ingram. (
* “Barry Diller’s confidence in Tina Brown is probably waning after all of this, and it’s best he just rid himself of the stupid ass mess he got himself into to begin with.” (
* HuffPo’s Danny Shea says “the idea that one person at a digital news operation is its ‘social media editor’ is laughable.” (
* Jeff Bercovici checks out today’s anti-Koch rally in Manhattan. (
* On May 11, Lee Enterprises killed two papers and laid off 20 journalists. A few days later it gave its chief operating officer a $100,000 bonus and a $100,000 raise. (
* Fox News banned Bill Maher for telling too many Sarah Palin jokes. (
* Times-Picayune and The Advocate battle it out for the New Orleans market. (
* Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby fears gay marriage will lead to the approval of sibling marriage. (


“Your blog post has been reported to…”

Here’s how Craig Fitzgerald responded:

I’ll tell you what, Bethany, I will continue to work for three reasons:

* My copy comes in clean and ready to print
* It is always on time and on budget
* People seem to like to read what I write
* And in case anyone thinks I’m being egotistical, about 93.774 percent of the reason I get writing gigs — and will continue to get writing gigs — is based on Reasons #1 and #2.

* How the automotive aftermarket crushes criticism (

* In which @TheOnion mentions BuzzFeed, llamas and @romenesko in one gloriously hilarious article. (@spj_tweets)



Riverfront Times reports: “Brooks Goedeker, a member of IndiHop’s organizing committee, admits that he and his cohorts were just following a long tradition among beer drinkers when they decided to embellish a bit by replacing ‘damn cool’ with ‘fucking awesome.'”

* Newspaper’s quote embellished for beer festival’s koozie (

The Cleveland Plain Dealer announced in April that it would begin a three-days-a-week home delivery schedule in late summer. I’m told by two sources that the paper has revised that plan after getting pressure from car dealers. One Romenesko reader writes:

The Plain Dealer will be publishing and delivering a “Bonus Saturday” paper to subscribers after the changes take effect Aug. 5.Unknown Originally, Advance did not want to deliver on Saturdays but the car dealers raised such a stink that they forced the company’s hand on the issue. Advance will not market [the PD] as a four-day home delivery product because that’s not what the rest of the chain is doing.

A second Plain Dealer staffer confirms the report and adds: “To their credit, local management listened to advertisers – unlike in [other] Advance markets. The Saturday-delivery paper is the result.”

I’ve left messages for Plain Dealer publisher Terry Egger, editor Debra Simmons, and marketing director Shirley Stineman.

UPDATE: Simmons forwards a letter sent to Plain Dealer readers that includes this paragraph: “As an enhancement to the weekend experience, a bonus Saturday edition, including an auto section, will provide the latest high school sports coverage and a complete Ohio State football preview.”

mustoMichael Musto, who was recently axed by the Village Voice, tells Page Six about his next chapter: “I’ll be doing a weekly interview feature for Gawker, covering all manner of celebs and viral sensations. I’m also doing a weekly column on called ‘Musto the Musical!’ It will span gossip, Broadway, movies, nightlife, everything. Also, I’ll do a column in Advocate magazine.”

Gawker editor John Cook tells Romenesko readers: “I reached out to Michael because he’s a fantastic voice who’d been hidden under a bushel for so long. Unsure on debut timing, but soon!”

UPDATE: Restaurant critic Robert Sietsema, who was shown the Voice door with Musto, has landed at He’ll be a regular contributor and columnist.

* Michael Musto gets Out, Gawker and Advocate gigs (
* The news gets 152 Likes and 55 comments on Musto’s Facebook page (
* Ex-Voice critic Robert Sietsema joins Eater (@eaterNY)

* “Indian newspapers have the best headlines,” writes Lee Pacchia, who tips us off to the Times of India item above. (@leepacchia)
* Writer Abe Sauer sends invoices to websites that lifted his work and “to my surprise, one paid me. …MSN rightfully comes out looking decent.” (
* ProPublica is trying to raise $22,000 to investigate the intern economy. (
* “It seems to me that TV is the new long-form,” says Esquire editor David Granger, who is about to launch the Esquire Network. (
* A difficult week for “the other James Rosen” — the one who works for McClatchy, not Fox. (
* “For so long, was for the boobs — in every sense of the term.” But no more? (
* Who’s in and who’s out at Jeff Zucker’s CNN. (
* “Politics with Larry King” will air on a Russian cable channel. (
* Tom Brokaw: Obama administration worse than the Nixon gang? I don’t buy it. (
* It’s the 60th anniversary of the AP Stylebook and the new print edition has more than 90 new or updated entries. (
* Barry Diller’s trying to get rid of Newsweek. (
* Times-Picayune business reporter Jaquetta White is joining The Advocate’s New Orleans staff next month. (
* A new award for best first book is named after the late New York Times books critic John Leonard. (
* Another day, another anti-Koch brothers protest. (
* Former Irish Times editor wants Google to help Ireland’s ailing newspapers. (
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