Afternoon report May 29, 2013

* Re Miami Herald’s new space: “If you think newspapers are dying, you should see this place.” (
* DOJ seized records for “thousands and thousands” of Associated Press phone calls, says AP CEO. (
semi* The Lonely Island tackles the semicolon. ( | (h/t @daniellibit)
* How to save the Newsweek brand: Go deep on a few topics, develop strong voices, and other tips from Mathew Ingram. (
* “Barry Diller’s confidence in Tina Brown is probably waning after all of this, and it’s best he just rid himself of the stupid ass mess he got himself into to begin with.” (
* HuffPo’s Danny Shea says “the idea that one person at a digital news operation is its ‘social media editor’ is laughable.” (
* Jeff Bercovici checks out today’s anti-Koch rally in Manhattan. (
* On May 11, Lee Enterprises killed two papers and laid off 20 journalists. A few days later it gave its chief operating officer a $100,000 bonus and a $100,000 raise. (
* Fox News banned Bill Maher for telling too many Sarah Palin jokes. (
* Times-Picayune and The Advocate battle it out for the New Orleans market. (
* Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby fears gay marriage will lead to the approval of sibling marriage. (