Afternoon report for May 30, 2013

* Why reporters should insist their meeting with Eric Holder be on the record: (
* James Fallows on what seemed fishy to him about New York Times Magazine’s “My Plane Almost Crashed” piece. ( || Update: Times Magazine editor Hugo Lindgren responds.
post* William Grimes checks out the New York Post and TMZ bus tours. (
* Editor: “We don’t typically do stories about flaps between business owners and customers,” but… (
* Michael Gartner’s memories of the Register and Tribune Building in Des Moines. (
* Former Los Angeles Times reporter apologizes for his attacks on Gary Webb. (
* High school newspaper adviser who served for a decade quits over board’s prior review policy. (
* Oklahoman reporter is arrested for allegedly taking upskirt photos at a graduation ceremony. ( | (
* National Letter of Intent signing ceremony covered by El Paso media turns out to be “a major embarrassment.” (