[UPDATED] Tomorrow’s Sun-Times cover?

Sun-Times lays off its entire photo staff


— image via (@ianwarsenault)

Actually, there were some photos taken after the announcement.

Sun-Times photographer Rob Hart tells News Photographer: “Being in the room with [Pulitzer-winning photographer] John White when we got laid off was a highlight of my career. About 30 of us got the axe. As soon as [editor] Jim Kirk said they were going to have the reporters produce multimedia for their rapidly changing platforms, I just had to walk out.”


Statement from The Newspaper Guild-CWA on
Chicago Sun-Times Laying Off All Photographers

The Newspaper Guild-CWA is stunned by the announcement this morning that the Chicago Sun-Times is laying off its entire photo department, 28 employees including 20 Guild members.

“This is offensive and wrong on so many levels,” Guild President Bernie Lunzer said. “As a union, we are deeply concerned about the workers who are losing good, family-wage jobs. As an organization of journalists, we are appalled that any newspaper would treat its photojournalists as expendable.

“I have learned time and again how the eye of a professional photographer can see and express things that I can’t,” he said. “Apparently some accountant/manager can see and express things that I can’t understand. Because this makes no sense.”

Lunzer said the Guild and its members, who immediately took to social media to denounce the decision, will “make the case and put as much public pressure on the Sun-Times as possible” to try to persuade the company to reverse course.