Saturday Report for June 1, 2013

* Why would anyone buy Newsweek? (Donald Trump? He could turn it into TrumpWeek.) (
* Sarah Palin blasts Seattle Weekly, which is “delighted” to discover she’s a reader. (
* Pro Football Weekly: “There comes a time when there is just no more money to lose, and now we are forced to close the doors.” (
* The final edition of the Rayne (LA) Independent rolled off the presses this week. ( | Remember this? The paper fired a writer last May for his line about a “coach’s bullshit and laziness.” (
* Of course your personal essay will be ripped apart by commenters! (
* Letting Pennsylvania’s governor write a is “a staggeringly bad idea,” says AJR’s editor. (
* Michael Miner of the Sun-Times-owned Reader writes about the “brutal and desperate” Sun-Times photo staff layoffs. ( | The “painful realities” behind the Sun-Times’ move: ( | Related cartoon.
* CBS acquires TV Guide Digital. ( | CBS now owns, too. (@jonmhein)
* Fran Lebowitz stops by the New York Times newsroom. (@jswatz) | (@nickconfessore)
* Chicago Tribune reports its political correspondent was arrested for DUI after covering the closing hours of the Illinois legislative session. (
* Longtime NBC News correspondent Don Oliver is dead at 76. (

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