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“This is a great time if you can write 500-700 words per article 3-5 times a day or a week. Writer need to be committed.”
— From the New Yorker Times Magazine help-wanted ad

From a Romenesko reader who asks not to be named:

Hey there, Jim. My wife and I are moving to Missoula, Montana, where I’ll work on [redacted]. I just looked on Craigslist under “writing/editing” jobs and saw a post titled “Online publication is hiring writers.” That publication’s name? The New Yorker Times.

Go to, and you’ll read that the site is part of the Frackle Media Group. Click a “Frackle Media Group” link and you’ll go to, site of “The Guardian Express.” According to the site, the Guardian Express was “first conceived as a newspaper to be distributed in and around the Las Vegas, Nevada area,” but “moved away from printing newspapers after 22 consecutive publication weeks.”

Whether it’s the company’s origin story, its publication scope (which includes “tall tales” and “myths” alongside “investigative journalism”) or the name itself, I’m sure your readers would be interested in your thoughts on the site.”

I don’t know if the New York Times will claim the name causes confusion in the marketplace, but I suspect it’ll have a problem with one of the site’s Twitter feeds: @ceoNYTimes. (It has over 250,000 followers.)

* Online publication is hiring writers (

- photo by Rob Hart

– photo by Rob Hart

The bio on the Laid Off from the Sun-Times Tumblr: “Rob Hart was replaced with a reporter with an iPhone, so he is documenting his new life with an iPhone, but with the eye of a photojournalist trained in storytelling.” | Hart on Twitter.

* Rob Hart’s Laid Off from the Sun-Times Tumblr (
* Sun-Times memo on iPhone photo basics training sessions (

Recipients of the $20,000 AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarships are Adam Allevato (Colorado State University), Lindsey Cook (University of Georgia), Nonny de la Peña (University of Southern California), Tyler Fisher (Northwestern University), Nilkanth Patel (Columbia University), and Erik Reyna (Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism).

Press release

Associated Press, Google award six $20,000 scholarships
to digital journalism stand-outs

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Associated Press and Google today announced the second recipients of a national scholarship program targeted at college students whose innovative projects exemplify the new journalist in the digital media age. The Online News Association, the world’s largest membership organization of digital journalists, administers the program.
The AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship provides $20,000 scholarships for the 2013-14 academic year to six promising undergraduate or graduate students pursuing or planning to pursue degrees at the intersection of journalism, computer science and new media. A key goal is to promote geographic, gender and ethnic diversity and identify and support creative new talent and work in the field./CONTINUES Read More

Between 2007 and the end of 2009, when Newsweek was still owned by the Washington Post Co., the magazine cut its total staff by 33%, according to Pew Research. Its revenues plummeted 38% in that three-year period, and losses continued after Newsweek was sold to Sidney Harman in 2010. Pew reports NewsBeast lost nearly $14 million in 2011.

“Newsweek’s overall circulation (single-copy sales and subscriptions together) plunged 50% over the span of 10 years,” says Pew. “Time, by comparison, saw a 22% decline in that time period.”

* Newsweek by the numbers (


Reaction to Wall Street Journal editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz’s Citi Bike editorial:

— “Funnybone tickled for whole weekend by this foam-flecked denunciation of #BikeNYC/#Citibike–thnx Dorothy Rabinowitz!” (@ChMadar)

Is this you, Dorothy?

Is this you, Dorothy?

— “Indeed she does represent people who have chauffeur limos driving them around. SNOB.” (@WoMayoChen)
— “I watched about 10 seconds of the video of Dorothy Rabinowitz talking about the shocking blight of bike share and threw up in my mouth.” (@poetas)
— “Dorothy Rabinowitz is what would happen if a mad scientist made a hybrid of Cindy Adams and Andrea Peyser.” (@hunterw)
— “Old & Outta touch WSJ Dorothy Rabinowitz no like & hasn’t used #citibike but [NYT’s] Bill Cunningham does.” (@bikeblognyc)
— “Rabinowitz’s loathing of #citibike/#bikenyc is pathological.” (@BicyclesOnly)

* “She’s speaking for a small minority of the city who probably never use public transportation and would only dream of sitting on a bike for the occasional joyride.” (

snob* “Bike Snob” Eben Oliver Weiss, who was profiled by the Wall Street Journal in 2010, says today that Rupert Murdoch’s paper “wins at stupid” because of Rabinowitz’s anti-bike commentary. Weiss adds: “I’d say that in a few years this paper is going to be a laughingstock, but the fact is that thanks to this video they’re a laughingstock now.”

* Extra! Extra! Wall Street Journal wins at stupid (
* Erik Wemple calls the Rabinowitz video “a piece of brilliance” (

-- "Dilbert," June 3, 2013

— “Dilbert,” June 3, 2013

* Paul Krugman shows up in today’s “Dilbert”
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* Has Nikki Finke been fired from Deadline Hollywood? ( | “I don’t believe it for a moment,” writes Deadline’s Mike Fleming. ( | Update: Finke to Sharon Waxman: Just stop it! (
* Finke has told people she wants to leave Deadline and blog on her own. (
* Susan Glasser leaves Foreign Policy to lead Politico’s new long-form journalism and opinion divisions. (
* Judge tosses lawsuit filed by a Connecticut Post reporter who said the paper is trying to “rid itself of its older reporters.” (
* AMI’s David Pecker once had Simon Dumenco fired from a media-columnist gig for criticizing the National Enquirer. (
* Michael Wolff: At 82, Rupert Murdoch “has to run a new company made up of almost entirely broken businesses.” (
* Walt Mossberg started his WSJ “Personal Technology” column after buying his first computer, a Timex Sinclair. (
* “I have had efuckingnough,” writes Sun-Times managing editor Craig Newman. (
* Ace Atkins: “I wanted to take a creative writing class at Auburn, but I wasn’t accepted into it and I believe that was because I was a football player.” (
* One reason for MSNBC’s ratings slide: “People are just sick of politics.” (
* Will the Twitter police make Twitter boring? (“I worry that, pretty soon, no one will have the guts to jaywalk anymore.”) (
* Oh no! “An earlier version of this post incorrectly said [Kathryn] Sullivan was the first American woman to walk on the moon.” (
* New York Times reporter Barry Meier’s Kindle Single, “The World of Hurt,” hits the bestsellers list in just days. (
* “The only company that seems to know what’s going on is Amazon.” (
* The Oklahoman has a new mission statement. (