Morning Report for June 3, 2013

-- "Dilbert," June 3, 2013

— “Dilbert,” June 3, 2013

* Paul Krugman shows up in today’s “Dilbert”
* Why Ann Davis Vaughan quit the Wall Street Journal and started her own business. (
* What Frank Rich, Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and others plan to read this summer. (
* A Toronto Star reporter was put in a headlock, handcuffed and arrested for taking a picture of an injured cop. (
* Has Nikki Finke been fired from Deadline Hollywood? ( | “I don’t believe it for a moment,” writes Deadline’s Mike Fleming. ( | Update: Finke to Sharon Waxman: Just stop it! (
* Finke has told people she wants to leave Deadline and blog on her own. (
* Susan Glasser leaves Foreign Policy to lead Politico’s new long-form journalism and opinion divisions. (
* Judge tosses lawsuit filed by a Connecticut Post reporter who said the paper is trying to “rid itself of its older reporters.” (
* AMI’s David Pecker once had Simon Dumenco fired from a media-columnist gig for criticizing the National Enquirer. (
* Michael Wolff: At 82, Rupert Murdoch “has to run a new company made up of almost entirely broken businesses.” (
* Walt Mossberg started his WSJ “Personal Technology” column after buying his first computer, a Timex Sinclair. (
* “I have had efuckingnough,” writes Sun-Times managing editor Craig Newman. (
* Ace Atkins: “I wanted to take a creative writing class at Auburn, but I wasn’t accepted into it and I believe that was because I was a football player.” (
* One reason for MSNBC’s ratings slide: “People are just sick of politics.” (
* Will the Twitter police make Twitter boring? (“I worry that, pretty soon, no one will have the guts to jaywalk anymore.”) (
* Oh no! “An earlier version of this post incorrectly said [Kathryn] Sullivan was the first American woman to walk on the moon.” (
* New York Times reporter Barry Meier’s Kindle Single, “The World of Hurt,” hits the bestsellers list in just days. (
* “The only company that seems to know what’s going on is Amazon.” (
* The Oklahoman has a new mission statement. (