Save the Chicago Sun-Times Photographers rally set for Thursday morning

Statement from Chicago Newspaper Guild president David Pollard: “This gathering is not just a way to show our disgust at what the company is trying to do to our union brothers and sisters, but to the freedoms we hold dearly as United States citizens and that is Freedom of the Press. The company’s move of letting go over two dozen photographers may be looked at as a cost saving to them, but more importantly, it weakens the freedom of the press and the positive and powerful impact it has had on our country.” (Yes, it appears the Guild needs a copy editor: “photograhers”.)

Also from the Chicago Newspaper Guild:


* Guild reps “marched into” Sun-Times CEO’s office on Monday (
* Longtime Sun-Times personal finance columnist Terry Savage leaves the paper after advertiser drops out (
* Neil Steinberg’s column goes from four times a week to once a week (