Charles Koch confirms interest in newspapers

Charles Koch tells the Wall Street Journal that Koch Industries might add newspapers to its portfolio, but insists that the company is looking for profitable publications rather than platforms to spread the Koch brothers’ views.

Charles Koch

Charles Koch

“There is a need for focus on real news, not news with an agenda or not news that is really editorializing,” he says.

He adds that the editorial page of any paper that Koch Industries acquires will “be a marketplace of ideas where all sorts of approaches to public-policy issues are vetted and contrasted, and there could be ongoing debate.” That, he predicts, “would ultimately improve newspapers as a business proposition.”

The Journal reports:

A person familiar with the matter said the Koch brothers have indicated an interest in the Tribune papers but may also look at other newspaper assets. Koch Industries said it has hired a financial adviser to look at various possible media investments but declined to identify that adviser.

* Koch Industries eyeing potentially profitable newspapers (