Morning Report for June 6, 2013

nyp* “Bag Men” sue the New York Post; they say the tabloid’s false report subjected them to ‚Äúscorn, hatred, ridicule, or contempt in the minds of a considerable and respectable segment of the community.” (
* National Geographic hires Matt Mansfield from Medill and Keith Jenkins from NPR. (
* Scott Pelley doesn’t have Brian Williams’ comedy chops, but “I get a little bit goofy on ’60 Minutes’ from time to time depending on the story.” (
* Suspicious powder found in the Iowa State Daily newsroom turns out to be photo paper residue. (
* Winners of the Mirror Awards — honoring the best journalism about journalism — have been announced. (
* AJR editor: “Politico’s embrace of long-form is a vivid symbol of the way attitudes about digital content have evolved.” (
* Kerry Lauerman resigns as Salon editor-in-chief to join Lerer Ventures. (
* CNN gets the first TV interview with Glenn Greenwald. (@jaketapper) | His NSA/Verizon exclusive: (
* The owner of SF Weekly, SF Examiner, and SF Bay Guardian is close to acquiring San Francisco’s gay newspaper. (
* Good news for journalists! “Scientists are figuring out that coffee has notable health benefits.” (
* Cliff Oxford: “I think the [Tumblr] deal is bad for American business, period.” (
* How stories on HBO’s “The Newsroom” were chosen. (
* Why Google Reader is being shuttered: “The old standard behaviors of news consumption” have changed. (
* Online journalists don’t care for hashtags. (
* Baba Shetty is out as Newsweek Daily Beast CEO after just nine months. (
* Movie stars don’t sell magazines the way they used to. “Audiences have shifted their allegiance in large part to television,” says EW editor. (
* Yoga and more! Employees have even more New Agey amenities at the Huffington Post. (