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From’s release:

“It’s time for a central hub where enquiring minds can turn for the latest developments in the life of the man who is now not only the mayor of Toronto — but now the mayor of the internets.

“Introducing BuzzFord, a website for the new era of viral content that clicks, which has arrived just in time to help you make sense of it all.”

* launches! A scandal website celebrating “The Mayor of the Internet” (

Financial Times reporters David Gelles and Alexandra Stevenson (below) are jumping to the New York Times.times “David will spend the summer finishing a book that charts the impact of Eastern wisdom — meditation, yoga and more — on Western business, before starting here after Labor Day,” says the Times’ memo.

Stevenson, who is in London covering European markets, will move to New York later this summer.

The memo is after the jump: Read More

What do the Oklahoma Atheists think of The Oklahoman’s daily page one “Today’s Prayer”?

Oklahoma Atheists president Red McCall tells Romenesko readers:

The Oklahoma’s “Prayer Of The Day” is just one of many religious pieces we see in the media on a daily basis. The Oklahoman is a non-tax payer funded news publication so there really is no constitutional violation there with regards to the POTD.todays

I think that the inclusion of the POTD piece is just as simple as catering to their market. I personally do not know who their specific demographic is, but I don’t recall many of my peers subscribing to the publication. The national percentage of people who claim to be Christian in this country is around 83%. I am pretty sure that in Oklahoma, that percentage is quite higher.

Several members of Oklahoma Atheists will be featured in the religion section of the Oklahoman in a couple of weeks, so I know that they are definitely not biased against non-Christians.

To the best of my knowledge, no one in the group has publicized that they have written a complaint to them.

Oklahoman editor Kelly Dyer Fry says the prayer first appeared on the paper’s editorial page in 1960, and was moved to the front page in 1974.

“Our prayer is written by one of our copy editors,” she writes in an email. “I have worked here almost two decades [and] I have never received negative feedback from readers regarding our prayer. We do, however, get positive feedback routinely.”

* The Oklahoman’s front page ( | Oklahoma Atheists on the web

Andrew Sullivan on Glenn Greenwald: “Yes, we’re friends. We’ve hung out a bit, and are bonded by a couple of things.

Sullivan and Greenwald

Sullivan and Greenwald

“He relies on readers for much of his income (and I rely on readers for all of mine) – and has made online debate much sharper in many ways. I’ve benefited from his criticism, even as I remain to his ‘right.’

“And he is forced to live abroad with his partner David because the US refuses to acknowledge the validity and dignity of bi-national gay couples. I was in that exact position for a long time with my American husband – and our shared experience matters a lot to me. Our husbands have also bonded over the same issue.”

* Andrew Sullivan responds to a New York Times reporter profiling Glenn Greenwald

UPDATE: Capital New York has names and more details about the layoffs.

New York Post editor Col Allan’s memo about today’s layoffs:

From: Col Allan
To: Newsroom
Date: 6/7/2013
Subject: Announcement to newsroom staff

To all staff:

As we continue to strengthen the business of the Post, nypand as part of the staff reduction initiative announced a few weeks ago, I am writing to let you know that we will be eliminating 13 full-time positions today throughout the organization. We have already contacted those who will be departing, and I want to express my sincere thanks for all of their contributions to the Post.

The decision to lay off employees is not one that we make lightly, but it is a necessary step as we continue to reduce costs, refocus our priorities, and re-imagine overall how we run as a company. The future of the Post is as vibrant as its brand, both in print and digitally, and we will continue to focus on the core areas we see key to a strong future.

Thank you for your patience and continued hard work as we get through this time of transition.


Here’s what the Gawker Media editorial team received this morning from ad boss (technically Studio@Gawker executive director) James Del (shown below):

From: James Del
Date: Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 11:44 AM
Subject: Prism Tags
To: “”
Cc: Traffic Gawker

Hey everyone-

We have a few clients who are sensitive to the Prism stuff,jamesd would you mind being extra careful about how you tag those posts? At the bare minimum would be best if you could tag everything “prism”, but would be even better if you could tag the companies involved too (know that’s a bigger ask, so just using Prism would make our world 100x better).

Any questions, comments or concerns just let me know, thank you!

James Del
Executive Director

UPDATEDel writes in Gawker comments: “I probably could have worded my email a bit better but at the end of the day I’d prefer our sausage making to be public (versus behind the scenes like every other media organization out there). If anyone in editorial thought this was anything but a friendly request to properly tag things, I apologize.”

cancelpaperA Romenesko reader from Chicago writes: “Here’s the response I received when I canceled my Sun-Times subscription. We were all mistaken – the photographers were not fired. Their contracts were changed to freelance from salaried. I hope this makes them feel better.” (The reader asked I not use her name because she works in a school’s communications department and “we still have to work with whoever is left at the Sun-Times before they turn the lights out.”)

From: [name deleted]
Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 7:10 AM
Subject: Cancel subscription in protest

Dear Chicago Sun-Times,

Please cancel my subscription and refund the balance of my most recent payment. Since the Sun-Times management has fired all its photographers, I do not wish to continue reading the newspaper.

Thank you,
[name deleted]

The response:

From: STMedia
To: [name deleted]
Sent: Mon, June 3, 2013 9:50:12 AM
Subject: RE: Cancel subscription in protest

Dear [deleted],

Thank you for contacting Sun Times Media.

We are sorry to lose you as a customer and subscriber! Please advise us if there is anything we can do to help change your mind.

Did you know?

Your comments regarding the photographers contracts being changed to freelance from salaried was [sic] noted on your account and passed to the management.

If you require any further assistance, please contact customer service by e-mail at

Customer Service Department

* Sun-Times pop music critic Thomas Conner resigns, says “it’s time for a change” (Robert Feder)

* How does Mary Meeker know that the average smartphone user checks that phone 150 times a day? Um … she doesn’t. ( | “We stand by the report.” (
* Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story about the NSA’s data grab, “is incredibly scrupulous in the way a lawyer would be — really, really careful.” (
* New York Times’ editorial blasting the Obama administration was tweaked after publication “for clarity’s sake,” says a Times spokesperson. ( | “We didn’t soften it one iota from its original intent,” says editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal. (
timepdf* Romenesko reader Michael Westendorf writes: “For the first time (as far a I’m aware), The New York Times is now offering readers the chance to ‘download a hi-resolution PDF’ of its A1 under the ‘Today’s Paper’ tab.” I believe you are correct, sir. I never noticed that option before. ( on front page image for PDF download)
* Conservative talker Charles Sykes rips Republicans for targeting the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. ( | A national controversy. (
* Roger Ailes suggests Jonathan Alter enroll in a first-year Columbia j-school program or try rage counseling. (
* Sun-Times pop music critic Thomas Conner resigns to return to school. (“It’s time for a change.”) (Robert Feder)
* New Orleans Advocate is adding 500 subscribers a week, says the publisher. (
* Matt Drudge predicted the future of journalism 15 years ago and “turns out, Drudge was right,” says Chris Cillizza. (
* Nikki Finke’s inevitable departure from Deadline will mark the end of an era. (
* Donald Trump: “I have a much better relationship with the public than I do with the media.” (
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