Gawker ad man tells editorial: ‘We have a few clients who are sensitive to the Prism stuff’

Here’s what the Gawker Media editorial team received this morning from ad boss (technically Studio@Gawker executive director) James Del (shown below):

From: James Del
Date: Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 11:44 AM
Subject: Prism Tags
To: “”
Cc: Traffic Gawker

Hey everyone-

We have a few clients who are sensitive to the Prism stuff,jamesd would you mind being extra careful about how you tag those posts? At the bare minimum would be best if you could tag everything “prism”, but would be even better if you could tag the companies involved too (know that’s a bigger ask, so just using Prism would make our world 100x better).

Any questions, comments or concerns just let me know, thank you!

James Del
Executive Director

UPDATEDel writes in Gawker comments: “I probably could have worded my email a bit better but at the end of the day I’d prefer our sausage making to be public (versus behind the scenes like every other media organization out there). If anyone in editorial thought this was anything but a friendly request to properly tag things, I apologize.”