Morning Report for June 7, 2013

* How does Mary Meeker know that the average smartphone user checks that phone 150 times a day? Um … she doesn’t. ( | “We stand by the report.” (
* Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story about the NSA’s data grab, “is incredibly scrupulous in the way a lawyer would be — really, really careful.” (
* New York Times’ editorial blasting the Obama administration was tweaked after publication “for clarity’s sake,” says a Times spokesperson. ( | “We didn’t soften it one iota from its original intent,” says editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal. (
timepdf* Romenesko reader Michael Westendorf writes: “For the first time (as far a I’m aware), The New York Times is now offering readers the chance to ‘download a hi-resolution PDF’ of its A1 under the ‘Today’s Paper’ tab.” I believe you are correct, sir. I never noticed that option before. ( on front page image for PDF download)
* Conservative talker Charles Sykes rips Republicans for targeting the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. ( | A national controversy. (
* Roger Ailes suggests Jonathan Alter enroll in a first-year Columbia j-school program or try rage counseling. (
* Sun-Times pop music critic Thomas Conner resigns to return to school. (“It’s time for a change.”) (Robert Feder)
* New Orleans Advocate is adding 500 subscribers a week, says the publisher. (
* Matt Drudge predicted the future of journalism 15 years ago and “turns out, Drudge was right,” says Chris Cillizza. (
* Nikki Finke’s inevitable departure from Deadline will mark the end of an era. (
* Donald Trump: “I have a much better relationship with the public than I do with the media.” (
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