Philadelphia Inquirer lifts pay wall for U.S. Open golf tournament

“In the ongoing struggle over at Interstate General Media, the [Philadelphia Inquirer, Daily News and] owners have granted permission to lift the 100% paywall for ten days, starting Saturday (through June 17),” a Philadelphia Inquirer staffer tells Romenesko readers.
“Since the the paywall went up, has launched an effort to try to compete with us for news coverage, including on the building collapse that killed six. Their ‘aggregated’ coverage that went out on attracted hundreds of thousands, while our outstanding — if I do say so myself — Inquirer coverage was buried behind a paywall on a site the company has not promoted. remains behind a paywall.

“It was our multi-media U.S. Open golf tourney coverage that convinced them to free us. We have been told to go out and drive traffic over the next 10 days to prove our worth. One editor called it ‘our Arab spring.'”

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