‘Serious’ NPR is now selling temporary tattoos

Phil Mushnick: “The funny thing about National Public Radio is that it takes itself so seriously it doesn’t seem to realize how funny it is.”

What do you mean — takes itself so seriously? NPR’s selling “fun” temporary tattoos now, Phil!
By the way, Romenesko reader Alexander Nazaryan says that “I can’t be the only one who thought Phil Mushnick’s slander of NPR in Sunday’s New York Post was racist.”

I suspect he’s referring to passages like this:

[NPR] continues to present long interviews with folks — foreign ambassadors, activists from Rangoon, Kamnik, Timbuktu, journalists from Sumatra, Tunis, La Paz — who seem to be able to speak English, but not so clearly that we can understand them much beyond “yes,” “no” and, finally, “You’re welcome.”

Given that radios do not yet come equipped with translation graphics, this makes many of these interviews a complete but comical waste of time. As Popeye said when handed a menu written in Arabic, “I can read writin’ but not when the writin’s written rotten.”

* NPR’s curious radio daze (nypost.com)