A letter to the editors on Port magazine’s cover

Dear Graydon, Hugo, Adam, Scott, Jim, and Josh…

“Were you aware of the premise for the cover?” Ruth Franklin writes to the editors who posed for the current issue of Port magazine. “When you arrived for the photo shoot, did you notice there were no women in the room? Did anyone suggest asking a few women to participate?”

You know why I’m upset? It’s not just because there are so few women at the highest levels of magazine publishing — after all,cover I just reminded you that some of us have broken through that old glass ceiling. It’s because your magazines owe their success to the labor of women as well as men. Come on — we know you have at least a few women as your deputies, your managing editors, your copy chiefs, your assistants. Not to mention your writers! It’s not okay to ignore them and act like you deserve all the credit. (There might even be a few people of color somewhere in the mix, too.)

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