Morning Report for June 12, 2013

readers* The best and worst cities for newspapers. (Pittsburgh has the highest readership, Atlanta the lowest.) (
* Washington Post’s new “Sponsored Views” ads let groups respond to Opinion section pieces. (
* Meet Ryan Germick, the chief doodler at Google. (
* “PBS NewsHour” closes offices in San Francisco and Denver to deal with declining support from corporate sponsors. (
* Viv Bernstein disagrees with LZ Granderson’s stance on covering gay athletes’ off-field lives. (
* Enough with #NotTheOnion! (
* There’s another rally for Sun-Times photographers at noon tomorrow. (
* Report: Scott Pelley’s furious about the State Department sex scandal story breaking on “This Morning” and not his newscast. (
* Salt Lake Tribune gives scholarships to 15 high school students interested in journalism. One winner says: “I love having the excuse to talk to people who have interesting stories.” (
* Man is jailed on fraud charges after creating “fake newspaper” in Gainesville. (
* Two middle-aged women are posing as OC Weekly restaurant critics. (“They were really drunk — stumbling and slurring their words — and ranting about having ‘so many stories to write’ for the OC Weekly.”) (
* Ten journalists you don’t want to fight on Twitter. (