She’s 95 and still reading two daily newspapers

- photo supplied by Bill Steigerwald

– photo supplied by Bill Steigerwald

“This is one important reason Pittsburghers, Buffalonians and Clevelanders read newspapers at a such a high rate — older folks like my sainted mother Kay Steigerwald, now 95, but still reading two papers a day, the Post-Gazette and the Trib, and watching all the TV cable chatter she can stand,” writes Bill Steigerwald.

“She’s a former Pitt English major (on a journalism track) from the late 1930s who ended up dropping out of college in her senior year and mothering five kids — Bill, John, Paul, Mary, Dan — each of whom ended up in some form of media or another, print/tv/radio/magazines/books or rock ‘n’ roll record albums.”
My parents, in their mid-80s, also read two dailies — the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Janesville Gazette. That’s down from the four papers they subscribed to when I was living with them as a kid: the Beloit Daily News, Janesville Gazette, Milwaukee Journal, and Rockford Register-Star.

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